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  • che****@gmail.com posted at 4/10/2022
    The poor excuse for a server helped 3 other people before I had had enough. When I asked for my money back, because we had waited 20 minutes for a tea, all I got was a stupid smile and she said, "well, we're busy". Learn how to serve customers in the order they ordered- Also, the dude cooking could have given 2 craps about the customers just sitting around not getting served. I will never go back to this place and hope others reading this review will stay away.
  • upgra*****@yahoo.com posted at 1/12/2022
    I maybe uncultured but most ramen i have had comes in some kind of broth and is served warm. They serve their ramen plain cold and broth free. 
    And the specials price is not listed and higher than any of the menu items.
    So if you are looking for plain ramen with no broth for about $15, this is the place for you!